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What Our Valued Customers Are Saying...

Teamwork makes thing happen.
- Thomas Lim (ADT)


If my team work together, the overall moral is higher. 
- Bernard Kok (Vicom security)


Encouragement places a very important part for those who are weak.
- Tan Wee Lep (Tyco)


It was a very good experience and I'm glad that I made them all through. The lesson withdraw from the last challenge has affected me. I think of it everyday. I know this is what I have been looking for to impose will and confidence on the way of my thinking as a habit.   
- Participant from American Association of Singapore (AAS)



fantastic job with our team building session. Really executed the stretch goals theme very well.

Pramoda R Karkal
Managing Director
Johnson Controls (S) Pte Ltd



Finding A Balance was right on target. Given our short amount of time together (1/2 day session), you were still able to bring together several elements relevant to my business and personal life. The debrief after each session was particularly helpful, and provided an opportunity to apply the experience to real-life scenarios. The "Leap of Faith" was great - reminded me that getting to the top isn't easy, especially when your next step is taking a giant leap! Thanks.
- Lisa Larson Lee


I had no idea what to expect and left with more than I bargained for… 
- Participant from AAS