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Adventure-Based Experiential Learning

Experiential learning – What Is It?
Experiential learning is learning through doing. It is a process through which individuals construct knowledge, acquire skills and enhance their values through direct experience.


Adventure-based experiential learning is powerful, with immediate effect in terms of this process. Learning occurs when certain challenges compel participants to reflect upon activities critically and derive some useful insight into their character strengths or deficiencies. It encourages self-cognizance.

The learning have the potential to stretch boundaries and involve a degree of uncertainty and unfamilarity. It keeps participants focused, engaged and moved to play, laugh and explore ways of interacting, problem solving, decision-making, etc.

What will my staff, colleagues or participants gain from it?

Show me and I may forget,
Teach me and I may learn,
Involve me and I will remember


..so goes the proverb.



At the end of the programme, participants will:


A pre-programme plan and briefing will lead to increasingly challenging activities and problems.Team members will face fear and overcome it; solve puzzles, which will lead their team members to the next stage of the journey. Ultimately, team members will celebrate in triumph with their newfound insights and experiences.


How is the programme different from others?

The programme is different in two key aspects: Transference and Experience. A pre-event briefing allows us to customise a programme to focus on key needs where the experiential learning can be transferred to the participant’s professional work. We take into considerations all aspects including crucial corporate issues, staff concerns, safety matters and suitability of the challenge components.

ADVENTURE@WORK clients include Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, Standard Chartered Bank, JD Edwards, Ernst & Young, Maesrk Singapore, Tyco/ADT fire & security, Pifzer Malaysia & Singapore, American Association of Singapore, Lubrizol Singapore Pte Ltd, Tranlinks Freight Forwarding Singapore, Matsushita/Panasonic, Jurong Shipyard, , Info-Comm Development of Singapore, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Association of the Deaf, Institute of Technical Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs, Staff programme for Singapore Polytechnic and Health Science Authority, Banyan Tree Singapore. Singtel - CAFIN, AP Moller Asia Pte Ltd, Johnson Control, Nokia Singapore Pte Ltd, Starhub, North Spring Primary School - Teacher Programs.



What else is there and what do I need if I am interested?

ADVENTURE@WORK clients represent a broad cross section of industries. Our services aim to tailor to your organisation needs. We can customize our services to be part of your organisation’s conference or staff training programme. A recommended combination is having Wilfred Tok present a keynote one-hour lecture the day before the programme. Contact us for a quote and discuss your needs.


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