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Programs At A Glance 

Participants require no prior adventure experience to benefit from these trainings. We offer a variety of workshops designed to meet the needs for a wide range of customers. Our customised programme are design for a multitude of training that target specific audiences and themes.

Adventure-Based Experiential Learning
Five Challenging Programs for today’s International marketplace:

  • Building Teamwork
  • Strengthening Leadership
  • Sharpening Customer Focus
  • Cultivating Learning Organisations
  • Developing Values-Driven Corporate Cultures

Other programs

  • Effective Communication
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Coaching
  • Corporate Retreat
  • Family Bonding Programme
  • Corporate Expeditions
  • Sports Event & Appreciation


Motivational Talks

  • FROM DREAM TO REALITY - The Everest Challenge 
    Lessons learnt from the Singapore-Latin American Everest Expedition 2001
  • THE RIGHT MOUNTAIN FOR YOU - The Real Meaning of Success
    To provide a sense of perspective for all of us who must deal with different aspects of life. These could include career, life choices, building team, knowing yourself and defining success for your life. 

    Explores a journey far more exciting, challenging and rewarding than simply climbing Everest. A thoughtful development of climbing analogy – ensure the ‘mountain’ you’re climbing is the right one for you.

    An inspiring story on the highest mountain on earth. A sparkling clear perspective that will help guide and motivate anyone taking on personal or career challenges.


Team Development / HR Diagnostic Tools

From training to selection needs, to understanding organisational dynamics and improving performances, ADVENTURE@WORK is the leading provider of team management and human resource instruments.

  • Team Management Systems (TMS)
    • Team Management Profile
      Application of profile in Job Analysis, Recruitment, Selection, Induction, Graduate programs, Leadership & Professional Development, Career Management, Project Management and Team Development.
    • Linking Skills Profile
      Coordinates and Integrates the work of a team in the People, Tasks and Leadership. Ideal for any Leadership development, coaching and Performance Management.
    • Team Performance Profile
      A team 360 feedback. Gap analysis. Applied as performance benchmark, customers survey and team purpose clarification.
    • QO2™ Profile – Opportunities/Obstacles Quotient
      Applied in Leadership development, Risk Management, Strategic Review, Coaching and Counselling.
    • Window on Work Values Profile
      Values at work with link to Organisational Freedom vs Constraint and Individual Focus vs Group Focus.



  • Motivation Profile™
    • Personal Mastery
    • Business Applications

  • DiSC™ Profiling Tool
    • Personal Learning Insight Profile
    • Role Behavior Analysis
    • Value Profile System
  • CREST™
  • Other Services
    • Train-the-Trainer - Challenge Ropes Course Facilitation & Safety Management.
    • School Programme

Programs At A Glance

OD HR Dianostics

Team & Leadership Development

Motivational Talks